Making realistic flames in Photoshop

Making realistic flames in Photoshop

How to make realistic looking flames in photoshop using Color Balance and smudging

Unfortunately as im rubbish at any kind of art, these flames could be made better with more detail in the smudging but yeah, you'll learn the basics here!
Firstly, open a new document and make the background black (so the flames are easier to see).

Then insert a new layer. Here select a brush and lower the hardness to around 50%, draw a random white blob on the layer:
Go to the tools menu on the left and select the smudge tool
Now begin to mess around with smudging the white blob until it begins to show the resemblance to a white fire (hint use different thicknesses and hardnesses of brushes to get a better effect).
Now go to layer > New adjustment Layer > Color Balance
Now make sure the "highlights" box is selecte, and mess around with the settings, i find pushing the scroll bar to 100% red and 100% yellow works best here
Now select the "shadows box" and play around with the settings, i advise using this:
Voila! Now you have your flames! enjoy!!

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