iPhone Fix: 'Could not activate cellular data network'

iPhone Fix: 'Could not activate cellular data network'

How to fix the 'Could not activate cellular data network' error for O2 UK customers especially

I ran into this problem yesterday while on holiday after enabling internet tethering. I rang O2 and they offered me a couple of things to try, so try these first.

The first thing you can try is, remove your sim card from your phone while the phone is switched on, give it a wipe and put it back in.

If this has not fixed it hold down the power and menu buttons simultaneously until the apple logo appears. This will do a reset of you iPhone, you will not lose any data, it will simply reset the iPhones software.

Try accessing the internet now and see if it has made any difference. If not, do not worry there is still a lot more you can do.

Go to your home screen and press 'Settings', then click 'General', then click 'Reset', then press 'Reset Network Settings'. Please note that this will get rid of any wi-fi passwords you have saved so make sure you keep them somewhere safe. This will restart your phone. You may wish to try this step a couple of times. This is where the problem usually goes away, unfortunately for me this was not the case; there is one last thing you can try.

This step is only for o2 UK customers, customers on other networks will need to ring up their provider to get the correct APN location.
Follow these steps:

- Click 'Settings' > 'General' > 'Network' > 'Cellular Data Network'
- Keep all the setting the same for Visual Voicemail and MMS, and keep the password the same for 'Cellular Data'. The only thing you need to change is the APN.
- Pay monthly customers change the APN to 'mobile.o2.co.uk'
- Pay as you go users change the APN to 'payandgo.o2.co.uk'

This worked fine for me but if anything goes wrong, simply reset your network settings again!

Hope this helps.